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Kathy Hochul: Fighting for
New York

Governor Kathy Hochul is committed to fighting for what matters to New Yorkers. She’s prioritizing public safety and is dedicated to making New York the best place to raise a family—without raising income taxes.

Keeping our communities safe

New Yorkers should feel safe in their communities. Gov. Hochul is working to improve public safety and reduce gun violence by increasing police patrols in areas most affected by gun violence and investing in crime analysis centers.


She’s working to get the homeless and mentally ill the help they need. Her plan would improve mental health care and addiction treatment by expanding access to psychiatric care, hospital beds, and supportive housing.

Putting New York families first

New York families deserve every opportunity to succeed. That’s why Gov. Hochul is pushing to increase funding for New York schools by 10% so all children can have access to a high-quality education. She is making historic investments to make it easier for parents to find child care, as well as expand eligibility and improve affordability.

Making living in New York affordable

Gov. Hochul is committed to keeping costs low for our families. That’s why she’s working to expand affordable housing by building 800,000 new units across our state. Her budget gets things done for New Yorkers without raising income taxes on middle class families.

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